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Black Women Deserve Protection

I've titled this Black women deserve protection, however, even typing that, I can acknowledge that the statement is one that's considered a myth. Earlier this week, a Black woman was hit in the face with a brick by a man after telling him no when he asked for her phone number. In addition to her being hit by a brick, there were several men standing around watching the incident. And those same people did nothing. They didn't step in, nor did they do anything to help her after the fact. Instead, after she made the incident public, people decided instead to take to social media to share their opinions on what happened to this woman. Their opinions on the violent attack of another woman.  TikTok lives are often a place where you can often catch people discussing current events. It is not uncommon for there to be debates about any number of things. The assault that Rho experienced quickly became a topic for many content creators. People were going so far as to post a screenshot

Have The Talk - Involve Your Children In Your Decolonizing Work

I have had the question of "when should I talk to my kids about anti-racism?" brought to me several times, and the answer I often give is "how old do you think Black children, Indigenous children, and other children of color start to learn about how they will be affected by racism?" And what strikes me is how often the parents and guardians are startled by that question and subsequent realization. I am reminded of how white people move through this world with a level of privilege so ingrained that it is often missed how present it is. When it comes to children, to not have to worry about the necessary conversations about how to keep themselves safe and how to keep themselves safe in the world is a privilege that should not be taken for granted at all. To be able to raise children with a full sense of innocence, and not have it tainted by how the world sees them is a gift. And it's a gift that is often taken for granted.  I remember posing a question to Black peo